Katya Pichugin-Barry

Katya’s Story

“I don’t want to forget her in anyway…”

Katya Pichugin-Barry, Trisomy 13, 08/13/2015 to 08/13/2015, South Plympton, South Australia

Australiaok so our story where to start? so I got pregnant in april 2015 wasn’t expected it was by a condom breaking from a one night stand but I decided that I wanted to keep the baby. I had asked the guy if there were any issues in his family any genetic problems and so on and he said no so I decided to skip the 12week scan and stuff because I’m 24, healthy & didn’t really need it what could go wrong?. I started having problems as time went on I kept bleeding, getting weird pains and everything was just so scary! but I made it to 15 weeks and I was so excited because I was going to find out the sex of my baby and see baby on screen by a 3D ultrasound. the sonographer said I was having a girl but she could see some issues but because she wasn’t a dr and there wasn’t a dr on site she said to go get it checked. she said from what she was seeing there was a cleft lip and maybe something else but wasn’t sure. so I went to the dr and got a referral for my 20 week scan even though by that time I was about 16 weeks I had it done and they found same type of stuff which lead to me going to the hospital and having another scan in their ultrasound unit and they found so many problems and we’re talking their dr language in front of me like I wasn’t there it was so hard! I ended up needing an amnioitisit (or how ever it is spelt) and they said it could be trisomy 13, 18 or something else so I went home and read what I could and tried to stay calm the 2nd day after the amniotic fluid was taken I started to get pains and ended up at the hospital. my little girl had a strong heartbeat, was moving and kicking and everything seemed fine until the specialist came in and said she has trisomy 13 and she advised that I should have a termination that if I continued with the pregnancy we could both get sick and would be fatal to us both, she could be born still, she could be born and could pass at any time and that she probably wouldn’t live for too long or I could just miscarry because there was so much wrong. I didn’t get a lot of info about trisomy 13 and I kinda regret my decision only because I don’t know if she could of fought and lived or not 🙁

I decided to terminate and had her on the 13th of August 2015, 15 days before my birthday. it was so hard!3 months later I still had product left in me and I’m still having issues with my body after the termination it hurts because I want to heal and get past it but it’s hard when my body is constantly reminding me of what I done. I don’t want to forget her in anyway but I would like to heal from losing my first baby girl. it was like I found out I was having a girl and she was taken straight from me.