Kayla Carter

Kayla’s Story

“…I will love her and take care of her always.”

Kayla Carter, Partial Trisomy 13 Translocation, 9/7/1991 Caledonia, MS

Kayla Carter PTR13 19yoKayla is 22 years old. It has been a long road for Kayla. She was a difficult baby because she had so much colic, but that changed when she was about 4 years old. Her seizure meds were changed and she started feeling better but that came with a price. She had low tone in her muscles in her early years and all of the sudden her muscles started to get tight which led to cerebal palsy. We did all kinds of tests and could not find a cause for the change in her muscle tone. Looking back I really feel that it was from the medication change. She has seizures and is on a lot of medication and she also has a Vagus nerve stimulator implant that helps to control her seizures. She still has seizures. They are the biggest cause of her medical problems and hospitalizations. The seizures and the medication combined makes Kayla very tired and sleepy most of the time now. She does seem to enjoy watching tv and she does still enjoy eating ice cream and banana pudding. Kayla’s health has declined over the last 5-6 years, but she is such a fighter. She has recovered from some very scary hospitalizations and is still going. I know that God has her here for a reason and I will love her and take care of her always.

Cindy Carter

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