Kevin David Beck Jr

Kevin’s Story


“These babies are too perfect for this life”

Utah Birth PhotographerUtah Birth Photographer

Utah Birth Photographer

Kevin David Beck, Jr., Trisomy 13, Taylorsville, UT, 5/10/2012 – 5/10/2012

You are welcome to learn more about our sweet Baby Kevin on our family blog here: 

And see this video titled “Becky’s Gift.”

Update 5/16/2014:   Our Baby Kevin was delivered full term and only lived about an hour and 15 minutes.  Every moment of his life was a gift and we are so grateful to our Father in Heaven for blessing us with this sweet boy.

Our story begins in January of 2012.   As I’ve read other family’s stories I’ve noticed almost all of the Dr’s who diagnose our babies with Trisomy 13/18 have the same things to say:

The baby is not compatible with life

The chances of the baby being born alive and to term are slim

If the baby is born alive it probably won’t live long

The chances of the mother having pre-eclampsia is higher

My Dr used the word “fatal” repeatedly

They also ask if you’d like to terminate the pregnancy

What the Dr’s don’t tell us is:

These babies are too perfect for this life

To appreciate every minute of the pregnancy and the baby growing inside you because that baby is a wonderful gift and you’ll miss having him/her inside you after they’re born

You can enjoy this pregnancy as much or more as one with a “healthy” baby

These babies will teach you incredible lessons if you’ll let them

You can feel heaven near as you trust God and His will for your baby

So grateful for the blessings our Baby Kevin brought and still brings to our family.