Kingslee Freeman

Kingslee’s Story

Kingslee Freeman, 04/27/2015 – 04/27/2015, Trisomy 13, Rock Spring, GA

“We prayed for our baby to live, but we also prayed for him not to suffer…”

mommy-and-KingsleeThis is Kingslee’s story…
I went for a routine check up around 12 weeks and the ob couldn’t hear a heartbeat with the Doppler, so to be safe she sent us to have a ultrasound. While doing the ultrasound they found that our beautiful Kingslee had a heart defect(which we later found out was Pulmonary Atresia and Ventricular septal defect), Cystic Hygroma, Omphalocele, and Hydrops. We was sent straight to a specialist who told us it looked like our baby has Trisomy 13 or Trisomy 18 and that our baby would most likely die before birth or shortly after birth and that we should terminate because baby with Trisomy are not compatible with life. I told the doctors that I want my child to have a chance at life and I wanted them to do everything possible to give him that and that I would NEVER terminate my baby! I chose not to have an amnio for fear I would have a miscarriage. We had multiple doctors visits every month and every time we received bad news each time. On April, 21 we was sent to the hospital due to high blood pressure and protein in my urine. We was finally sent to another hospital that is closer to a children’s hospital that is capable of heart surgery on newborns. I was told after we got there that I had Severe Preeclampsia and mirror syndrome. After some time in the hospital we was told that if I want to be able spend a little bit of time with our baby we would have to deliver soon. I chose to have a C-section, so that the birth might not damage any of his intestines or organs due to him having Omphalocele. At this time I was 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant. My little Kingslee was born on April the 27th at 1:44 am, was born with a heartbeat, but was not able to breathe. The neonatal nurses said he was too small so they could not get a breathing tube down. Kingslee lived for 46 minutes surrounded by loving family! We prayed for our baby to live, but we also prayed for him not to suffer and if he had lived he would of had to suffer through multiple surgeries. So today is Kingslee’s one month anniversary of being in Heaven!!! Rest ! in peace our sweet baby!
Kingslee Freeman
Born: April, 27 2015
Weight: 2 pounds 10oz
Length: 13in