Laila Debesa

Laila’s Story

“Through it all she still smiled every day!”

Laila Debesa, 1q41q44 10p15.3p14, 01/18/2011 to 07/09/2014, Plainfield, IL

Laila was born with an unheard of chromosomal translocation that had both duplications and deletions within it.  Before her first birthday she had gone through 4 GI surgeries and 1 airway surgery followed by a heart surgery after her birthday.  Just before her 2nd birthday, she suffered a stroke leaving her neurologically blind and deaf unable to breath on her own.  Through it all she still smiled every day! Unfortunately in July of 2014 her body couldn’t keep up and she became an angel. I’ve made it my goal since to raise awareness on her unknown genetic condition hoping to help other parents in the process. She taught many doctors and nurses that some times you need to think outside the box.  She taught everyone she met love and happiness as well as teaching me patience and unconditional love.