Landon Vick Edwards

Landon’s Story

Heart“It was all such a great miracle that he was born…”

Landon Vick Edwards, Trisomy 13, Aurora, CO, 1/14/2012 – 1/14/2012

At 20 weeks we were told my fluid was low so we went to a perinatologist who recommended an amniocentesis which found that our baby boy had full Trisomy 13.  Of the 75 cells they were able to test, all 75 had a duplicate 13th chromosome. Along with that, they noticed kidney problems and possible heart issues.  Our biggest concern was that with such low fluid and kidneys not working properly, Landon wouldn’t be able to breathe when he was born.  He was born a few weeks early and lived for about 2 hours and passed peacefully.   It was all such a great miracle that he was born, could breathe and lived for a little while so we could hold and love him.  His 2 older brothers met and held him as well.  We think and talk about him daily and are so glad we got to meet our baby boy.