Lorenzo Roel Tamez

Lorenzo’s Story

Lorenzo Roel Tamez2“We are so rich in love, understanding, blessings and united as a family.”

         Lorenzo Roel Tamez, Trisomy 13, Edinburgh, TX, 7/22/2007

My son was born with full trisomy 13 on July 22, 2007.  He has till now bilateral cleft lip and palate. Do to him being labeled as incompatible with life he has yet to get it repaired. We’re hoping this yr goes better for him,but even at that, if it’s Gods will it will happen if not he knows when. He has come along way thru a rough and tough journey. Lorenzo has had malrotation of the intestines, fundoplication, appendix removal, and gbutton placement when he was 2wks old. Has had inguinal hernias repaired on both sides, hiatal hernia repair, also.  Unable to relax muscle to have a bowel movement so had sphincteratomy burned which didn’t work but we help him. He has been diagnosed with toddler’s diarrhea and controlled with Imodium. He has just recently began to experience seizures and is currently on medication for them.  He walks and sits with assistance, he is an amazing little boy with such a will to live and has always pulled thru anything and comes out stronger with more will to continue to move forward.

Now doctors would ask me y am I only prolonging the inevitable, let him be free of pain and don’t bring him back when he stops breathing.  Wow, I was in such pain cuz I was not ever told he had this disorder, no one detected it, blood work came back good. And then to here this which I am an amazing mom which loves kids and my own with more love. So yes no I was going to bring my son back with everything I have. One day when he was 4months old I sat in front of his crib and talked to him and God. I asked him if he was holding on to life because I didn’t want to let him go. Thought it was ok if he wanted to go back to God and feel no pain. I will stay here and be ok and look forward to the day we get to be together again:” (then I turned to God and asked him if he wanted to take his son back that I would be ok with it and I would stay here on earth and go thru whatever it was I had to go thru as long as his son was pain free and happy.  My Lorenzo cried all day and night and for along time. So I asked him, if Lorenzo has a purpose in his life leave him and we will take this journey together and fulfill it thru as best as we can.  If not please take him back and when I’m trying to resuscitate him don’t let him come back. I hand him back into your arms God, you’re his father and I am only the one who u chose to take care of him. He is yours and belongs to u. It was the hardest thing a mother like me had to ever had to do: ‘( I wanted to have a family for such along time, I knew I would be a great mother to my kids, I never thought I would be given this kind of test.

So God gave me such strength and will, he allowed me to keep my son here and since then have had the pleasure to experience such love and miracles that my Lorenzo was meant to give in his life. We’re fulfilling the purpose God places him in this life, we see the change Lorenzo makes on others, the love he creates for others also.  And he has had doctors in awe in a lot of what they never thought could be possible. My Lorenzo is an angel on this earth and goes thru what he goes thru to set examples and have others learn from him and how life is precious and not to take for granted. We may not be rich have new furniture, able to go on vacations, or take a trip to the Zoo, have the latest model of vehicles, or the latest style of clothes, purses or jewelry. But we have the best God can and has allowed us to have, faith love, hope and a beautiful family I always wanted to have. We are so rich in love, understanding, blessings and united as a family.  My older kids don’t get to go out often, have friends over, go to parties, park, or go to pizza places as often as others do, but thy have parents and a brother with so much love to give. I have three beautiful angels, my kiddos understand their lives as they have to live it and are amazing kids to be them. Well this is a brief story of our journey as we have been going thru. I love my life and wouldn’t change my life. Only try to change the view of the doctors which is already happening. May god bless u all always.