Madison Cadieux

Maddie’s Story

“She is conquering the world every day.”

Madison Cadieux, Mosaic Trisomy 18, 11/05/2007, Swanton, VT

MaddieWe found out that Maddie has MT-18 when she was three months old. She was not meeting milestones at the average age and had a small head and low set ears with puffy hands and feet. we were tested through blood test at the genetics doctors and it came back that 7 out of 10 of her cells are effected. She had many doctors apts for the first few years of life, but we are down to just a few per year now. she will be 8 in November and is in the second grade in public school. she has a great team working with her at school. she has the very best pediatrician. she is conquering the world every day. we are so proud of her and are taking this journey one day at a time.