María Paz Giordano Koharic

Paz’s Story

“My angel is in Heaven and it’s going to be so hard living down here without her.”

María Paz Giordano Koharic, Trisomy 18, 5/19/2016 to 5/26/2016, Neuquén, Argentina

MariaMy husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for two years. We have a 7-year-old boy who is healthy and it took us only three months to conceive him, so I had lost all hope when I found out I was pregnant with Paz.
Pregnancy was so different with her. I got pneumonia during my 12th week and then, I had to take asthma medication to provide enough oxygen to my system and my baby girl’s. Due to my age (39) I had an NT scan and other lab tests which gave me a probability of 1/4 chances of having a baby with Down’s syndrome. I didn’t want the amniocentesis because we were going to have our child no matter what. I also had 2 fetal echocardiograms which showed a septal ventricular defect, but we were told that a surgery could be performed when the baby was 4 months old. When I was in my 36th week, an ultrasound showed I had too much amniotic fluid and Paz was not receiving enough nutrients (also, she weighed only 1600kg, like a 32th week fetus). I was sent to the clinic to have an emergency c-section. Paz needed a respirator the first night. Then she could breathe on her own with a C-PAP. She had a tube to be fed with my milk directly to her stomach…A geneticist underwent a caryotype which confirmed her T18 diagnosis (but I somehow already knew just by looking at my baby’s hands and feet, and due to her heart condition and slow fetal growth). During the week Paz was in the NICU, her lung pressure went up, her kidneys started failing…Doctors found blood in her stomach and in her urine. They also found ventricular liquid in her brain. They tried everything they could, I can´t complain. They even suggested heart surgery but she got worse so quickly that surgery was not an option anymore. Paz began having seizures on the sixth day and then went into cardiopulmonary arrest. The doctors tried to bring her back but it was too late. I really miss her and I’m not ready for anything right now, but I needed to tell our story. My angel is in Heaven and it’s going to be so hard living down here without her. I promised her I would be a better person so that some day I can hug and kiss her again.