Mary Elizabeth Stewart

Mary’s Story


 “…we are enjoying every minute she is with us.”

Mary Elizabeth Stewart, Trisomy 18, 7/7/2014 – 8/18/2014, Memphis TN, USA

Mary Elizabeth Stewart, T18,  2 days

Update 8/21/14 –  It is with a very heavy heart that i would like to say that Mary Elizabeth has received her Angel wings. She passed away on Monday morning. So keep the Stewart family in your prayers at this most saddened of times . Thank You – the Stewart Family.

Update 7/22/14 – Mary Elizabeth came home today and is doing well.

Hello, my name is Yolanda and my daughters name is Mary Elizabeth.  She was born Monday, 7/7/2014. Diagnosed at 20 weeks, we found out that she has only one kidney and a hole in her heart and will probably be delayed in many things.

She is now on oxygen and might be jaundiced.  But we are enjoying every minute she is with us. Keeping our heads up and prayers strong. Enjoying her smiles which she does often. And thanking all of her nurses who are the best and love her as their own. Thank you for listening and reading our story. Keep us in your prayers and wishes. Thank you.

Yolanda Stewart