Mason Payne Scheier

Mason’s Story

“I felt so much peace and comfort in knowing I was not alone.”

Mason Payne Scheier, Trisomy 13, 6/26/2014 – 6/26/2014, Mesa AZ, USA

Mason Payne Scheier T13 @birthMy husband and I learned at our 18-week ultrasound that our baby had several birth defects including a cleft lip, heart defect, bright kidneys, dilated ventricles in his brain and possibly extra digits on his feet. We were told that a chromosomal abnormality was highly suspected so we decided to have an amniocentesis done that day. Two days later we received a phone call that our little boy, who we had decided to name Mason, had Trisomy 13. 

We never had any hesitation about continuing the pregnancy, and that decision did not change when we learned of Mason’s diagnosis and prognosis. We prayed we would have the chance to meet him before he returned Home, but Mason had other plans. He passed in utero at 25 weeks and was delivered on 6/26/14 at 10:45pm. He weighed 1 lb. 10 oz., was 13.5″ long and was absolutely perfect to us. 

After receiving Mason’s diagnosis I found this website and spent hours pouring over family stories. Although all of our situations and experiences are different and unique, I felt so much peace and comfort in knowing I was not alone. Please feel free to contact me.

Liz Scheier