McCartney Coleman

McCartney’s Story

“We feel so blessed for the 2 days we got with her. We miss her everyday.”

McCartney Piper Lee Coleman, Trisomy 18, 4/25/2014 – 4/27/2014, Austin TX

McCartney Coleman, T18, 1dayWe got to meet McCartney Piper Lee Coleman earlier than expected on April 25, 2014. I had HELLPS so after 34 weeks, she had to come into this world and we were so happy to meet her. Her daddy, Matt, spent every second with her in the NICU and she seemed to be doing good. He even got to hold her once while she was still alive. He sang to her and read her stories. We declined all testing when I was pregnant so we didn’t know of any conditions she had.
She was beautiful with white hair, just like her daddy was born with. After two days in the NICU, her health started to decline rapidly. A small bubble was found on her lung and when they tried to remove it, she couldn’t keep up the fight. She went to Jesus April 27, 2014 with her daddy and I standing over her.
An autopsy later revealed bacillus was found in her system which was the cause of her rapid decline. The results also showed she had T18. We feel so blessed for the 2 days we got with her. We miss her everyday.

Angelique Coleman