Mei Waste

Mei’s Story

“She was with us for 10 beautiful weeks.”

Mei Waste, 10/23/2014 – 01/02/15, Trisomy 18, Omaha, NE

meiOn Thursday, June 26 my husband, 8 year old son, and sister were in the ultrasound room with me finding out the sex of the baby. We were so excited to find out that we were having a little girl, of course my son wanted a little a brother. After the ultrasound I had my appointment with my OBGYN for a normal follow up. That follow up appointment was anything but normal. My son and husband were waiting for me in the reception area since I thought I would be in and out. When my OBGYN came in she asked me where my husband was. I told her he was waiting for me in the reception area. She told me that they needed to get him because they saw somethings on the ultrasound. My heart dropped. My husband came in and they told us that her spine wasn’t developing correctly, brain, heart, and other issues. She wanted to set us up with an appointment with the high risk doctor. They got us in the following week. He confirmed what the ultrasound technicians saw and talked to us about getting an amniocentesis. We opt to have it and the test confirmed that our daughter Mei had trisomy 18. My heart broke again when the doctor discussed with us what the future held for us. We didn’t know if I would be able to carry Mei to full term and if I did would we bring her home. On October 26th we brought home baby Mei. She was with us for 10 beautiful weeks.