Molly Grace

Molly’s Story

Molly Grace

      “She was survivor.  She was a teacher.  She was a gift.”

Molly Grace,  Trisomy 13, Rosedale, VA, USA, 10/21/1998 – 11/17/1998

I have sat and stared at the computer screen writing and deleting Molly’s story with much difficulty.  I find it hard to put into words everything that I feel for the child that we had to “give back” all too soon.

Our journey began over 14 years ago.  I learned more about Trisomy 13 than I ever wanted to know.  I do not want Molly’s story to be one of Trisomy 13, but instead, one of life and love.  Molly Grace was a beautiful baby girl with blue eyes, like her Daddy’s and caramel colored hair, like her Momma.  Her 26 days on this earth were filled with love.  We devoted our all to her short life.  She had an amazing charm.  All who knew her fell in love with her instantly.  You couldn’t see her without wanting to hold her, cuddle her, and love her.  She defied physicians with her amazing will to live and her ability to accomplish things that we were told, she would never do.  She was survivor.  She was a teacher.  She was a gift.

Our lives have been forever changed by Molly Grace’s life.  We are better people because of having known her and loved her.  We are thankful for the brief moments we were given with her.  Our love for her transcends time, space, and distance….She is forever in our hearts.