Nadia Lynch Domican

Nadia’s Story

”Thank you darling for being so brave, loving you for ever, Mammy XXXX”

Nadia Lynch Domican, Trisomy 13, 11/13/2000 – 11/24/2000, Daingeon, Offaly, Ireland

Nadia Lynch Domican T13 7daysMy beautiful baby girl was born on the 13th of nov 2000 she was 5lbs 15ozs with dark eyes and sandy brown hair.She struggled from birth, but the doctors were’nt sure what was wrong.  They did a scan on her and it showed that her heart was enlarged and by then she couldn’t breathe on her own and was on a ventilator.  She was transferred to Crumlin hospital where we met a wonderful team of doctors.  They told us that Nadia had a hole in her heart and that the valves were the wrong way around and that she would need open heart surgery to save her life.  My tiny little girl had open heart surgery.   She was in theatre for 4 hours.  The longest wait of our lives.  The docters were pleased with the surgery and we were allowed to sit with her in intensive care.  That afternoon Nadia suffered cardiac arrest and the doctors managed to save her again, but the bad news kept coming.  They discovered that Nadia had a hole in the roof of her mouth.  Her kidneys were fused and there were shadows on her brain.  They sent tests to America and as we waited for results Nadia stayed stable.  We learned to tube feed her.  She loved when I sang to her, stroked her hair and held her tiny hand as she fought on and finally on that aweful day when Nadia was one week old the results were back the doctors told us that Nadia had a chromosone disorder called trisomy 13 and could not survive.  Me and her Dad (James) chose to take her home to spend as much quality time as we could.  We had many special moments with her trying to fit in a life time.  We hoped and prayed for a miracle, but on the morning of the 24th I could tell that my precious daughter was tired of fighting.  I held her close and she went to the Angels at 12:55 and a piece of me went with her.  I was so lucky to have her for 11 precious days and how I wish there could have been many more.  ”Thank you darling for being so brave, loving you for ever, Mammy XXXX”