Natalia Traista

Natalia’s Story

“We cannot put into words how much we  actually love her…”

Natalia Traista, Partial Trisomy 13, August 13, 2002, Mold, Wales, UK

Adelina Traista, age 9Our daughter’s name is Natalia and she was born on August 13, 2002.  She was diagnosed with partial trisomy 13 when she was 15 months old.  She was born with six fingers on both hands and low muscle tone.  Overall Natalia is in good health, however she does have seizures and she takes Carbamazepine.
Natalia is independently mobile but requires supervision at all time for safety requirements.  She loves music and music is her world.  She communicates by taking my hand to things that she wants.
Natalia has glasses but refuses to wear them.
Natalia’s social skills are improving and she tends to spend more time with other children than being isolated.  She has very limited comunication but she is babbling a lot.
Natalia is a very happy girl and her smile always brightens my day.  We cannot put into words how much we  actually love her…

Adelina Traista