Nora Chappell

Nora’s Story

“Her daddy and I are smitten”

Nora Chappell, Trisomy 13, Roswell GA

Nora ChappellNora was born at Northside Hospital and she spent 10 days in the NICU there.  We did not have a prenatal diagnosis with Nora so we had a lot of researching to do once we got the news! Nora was discharged home with hospice and has just been an amazing fighter ever since. She continues to grow, thrive, gain weight, smile, laugh and, in general, be an extremely happy baby (except when she is cutting teeth!). Although she was making super progress in taking a bottle, we recently had a g tube placed and a nissen performed. We found out that Nora was “micro aspirating” silently and we were putting her at risk for aspiration pneumonia by feeding her. We hope that she will gain strength and be able to eat orally again one day. Nora has an unrepaired  ASD/VSD and we are planning on repair surgery for her fall of 2013. Nora is such an amazing little girl who melts the hearts of everyone who meets her. Her daddy and I are smitten.