Rebecca Carter

Rebecca’s Story

“I know she is in heaven and I know that I will see her again.”

Rebecca Carter, Partial Trisomy 13, 3/25/2002 – 12/27/2010, Caledonia, MS

Rebecca Carter PTR13 6yoI wanted another baby so badly and when I found out I was pregnant, I was thrilled. I knew that there was a slight risk of another T13 baby. The odds seemed in my favor but Rebecca was born with partial,Trisomy 13 also. She was also a very colicky baby like her sister but Rebecca’s disability was not as severe as Kayla’s. Rebecca learned to walk and run and she would ride a little bike(the kind you pushed with your feet) Rebecca always had sensory issues. She could not go into large crowds or stores with out melting down. Dvd players had to go everywhere we went. Watching Elmo was her favorite thing to do and it was the only way we could go anywhere with her. She was a busy busy, busy girl that went 100% from sunup until 10pm at night. The older she got the more Autistic issues she had. She just could not go to new places and could not handle new situations. She also started having unexplained pain. She would cry and rub her eyes and would not wear her glasses anymore. She would have huge melt downs at school. I had to quit sending her. She passed away peacefully one morning while I was making a phone call. I found her and thought she was asleep. I have complete peace that Rebecca is not in pain anymore. I know she is in heaven and I know that I will see her again.

Cindy Carter