Remington Chasteen

Remi’s Story

“…that’s ok because he is the strongest, most loving incredible little man…”

Remington Chasteen, Partial Trisomy 13q Unbalanced, 02/11/2001, Oak Harbo, OH

Remington was born on Feb.11, 2001 He looked like a healthy 7 lb. 7 1/2oz baby. We found out when Remi was 2 months old that he had Tetralogy of fallot, and soon after that we found out he has a unbalanced male karyotype with recombinant chromosome 13 and partial Trisomy 13q. Remington’s chromosome problem came from me, I have an (inv. 13). Some of Remington’s surgery’s include: shunt in his heart and 4 holes repaired in his heart. ( He had RSV they couldn’t do the complete repair of the heart) G-tube placed, undescended testicles, 2 hernias, Fundoplication because of Gerd, tendon release on both feet, bone graft on his right foot ( because of skew foot), tubes in both ears. He also has vision problems and his deaf in his left ear and has partial hearing in his right. Remington has had 2 more open heart surgery’s and 2 tethered spinal cord surgery’s and 2 scoliosis surgery’s. He has also had seizures when he was younger.

Remi is now 15 years old and hopefully he will be done with surgery’s for awhile. He is a healthy young man that is developmentally delayed and is a 8th grader at oak harbor high school. He is currently learning to read and has advanced in this a lot this year. He is currently reading at a 1st grade level. Remi loves games like wheel of fortune and jeopardy and loves playing on his iPad. He also loves doing puzzles and coloring with both of his sisters. Remington has taught us so much since he’s been born and life with his is an adventure for sure! He’s an amazing young man and we can’t wait to see what the future brings for him.