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Samantha’s Story

“Samantha, a beautiful, fun-loving and mischievous little girl with a heart of gold”

Samantha Martin, tetrasomy 18p 6/4/93-12/3/2006, Canada

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Samantha Lauren Martin, sunrise June 4, 1993 – sunset December 3, 2006. Tetrasomy 18p Syndrome, a duplication of the short arm of chromosome 18, replicated 4 times.)
Samantha Martin’s short time on earth, 13 years, resulted in far-reaching improvements in honoring the lives of persons with medical and developmental diversity through legislative amendment in the Province of Alberta, Canada through SAMANTHA’S LAW:
Samantha, a beautiful, fun-loving and mischievous little girl with a heart of gold, was born with a rare chromosome duplication syndrome known as Tetrasomy 18p resulting in developmental and medical challenges, including Autism. Previously, families were provided little option but to relinquish guardianship to government as the means of accessing required medical supports and services. Tragically, this archaic perspective resulted in grave health consequences for Samantha, prompting me to demand legislative amendment to better support the needs of families in crisis through provision of direct in-home supports. I continue to lobby for National recognition of SAMANTHA’S LAW to preserve Family-Centred Care values which honor basic human rights to be nurtured amongst loved ones.
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