Sarah Ariatne Calderon

Sarah’s Story

“She has taught us so much in these past 2 months.”

Sarah Ariatne Calderon, Trisomy 18, 1/6/2016, Marble Falls, TX

SarahSarah came into this world 2 weeks AFTER her due date. The moment of having to wait had finally arrived and both my husband and I were a nervous wreck because all through out the pregnancy up until her delivery we had been prepared for the worse. When we heard her cry it was like this weight was lifted off our shoulders. Our baby girl was alive!!! We spent 5 days in the hospital after her birth before bringing her home. The medical staff was shocked to see how well she was doing given the fact that they only expected her to live a matter of minutes, hours, or days after her birth. Today Sarah has reached her 2 months and she is going strong. She’s quite the wiggle worm and can turn on her back when she’s doing tummy time!! She has taught us so much in these past 2 months. We love her so much and are super blessed to have her in our lives. Her big sister is just in awe of her and if we let her she would fill her up with kisses ALLLLL day!! Although we are still told she may not make it to her 1st birthday we continue to pray that we get a lifetime with her. We’ve learned to let go of the diagnosis and prognosis and live for the moment, make memories, and enjoy whatever time God gives us with her.