Sophia Colley

Sophia’s Story

“Keep fighting, my princess!”

Sophia Colley, Trisomy 18, 11/16/2013, Stafford, UK

Sophia Colley T18My journey began on the 16th November 2013; my long awaited baby girl was born . Blue and floppy, she was rushed straight to special care.  She weighed 6lbs 2oz; hooked up to machines, looking so fragile. but 5 days later my world fell apart when we were told she had full trisomy 18 and would only live 2 weeks.  We were equipped with feeds and information and hurried out of special care as soon as she was well enough.

We came home on the 23rd Nov.  I slept with my lil princess next to me in her crib watching her chest rise and fall with every breath.  On one occasion I thought I’m not taking this lying down; she can’t fight her corner so I am.   So I have battled with hospitals to get her treated fairly.   Well she started gaining the pounds and getting stronger.   She has learning disability but she is the most happy, patient baby I have ever met.   Well she is 10 months old today and is as chubby as ever.   Keep fighting, my princess!

Annette Martinez