Twila Elise Clifton

Twila’s Story

 Twila Elise Clifton“She is quirky and bossy and beautiful.”

Twila Elise Clifton, Trisomy 18, Albuquerque, NM, USA, 10/18/2011

We found out about our daughter’s diagnosis when I was about 5 months pregnant. We were young and newly married and never thought anything would be wrong with our baby. We were expecting a typical little girl. It was a shock to find out we were wrong. There was not any encouraging information given to us. We knew we wanted to give her the best chance she had and that we did not want to take away her opportunity to live. We knew the statistics. Even if our child lived, only 1% lived past 1 year. We had no expectations whatsoever.

We had some complications but eventually made it to 37 weeks and had a c section. We were so blessed to have a child we were able to meet.she had crazy hair and huge blue eyes. We got to bring her home on oxygen and an oxygen/ heart monitor after 1 weeks.. Another blessing we never expected. We were new parents, already pretty clueless, and had many extra things to worry about. We have a very supportive and large family who have helped us tremendously. The months went by and we learned how to sleep and feed and soothe a very high energy little girl. She started therapies. She overcame colds. I was so nervous all the time, always expecting to lose her. I never thought we would be the 1%,

We now have a 17 month old little girl. She plays and smiles and can sit on her own with support. She has touched lives all over the world and has made us much different people than we were. She encourages everyone she meets. When I was pregnant, I prayed for my child to be as effective as possible, while enduring the least pain to do so. This was not the answer I expected, but she affects so many while being a happy kid who doesn’t let anything get her down. She is quirky and bossy and beautiful.