Veda Balas

Veda’s Story

“I told her I loved over and over, sang to her, and kissed her.”

Veda Balas, Trisomy 13, 12/21/2015 to 12/21/2015,  Old Hickory, TN

VedaWe were so excited when we found out we were having a daughter around the 16th week of our pregnancy. The whole pregnancy had been bliss and we already loved her so much! At our anatomy scan they found some abnormalities. They said she had a hole in her heart, one of her kidney’s was enlarged, her cerebellum was a little small and she was measuring about a week and a half small. We were devastated at the news. All we wanted was for our baby to be healthy and happy. It didn’t stop us though from loving her, celebrating her life every day, and hoping for a good outcome. We spent the next few months in specialist appointments so we could watch her progress. For the most part she was doing really well in the womb and we got to know her personality, see her growth and just simply enjoy her. It was hard but wonderful. At one of my specialist appointments it was found that I was on the verge of preeclampsia and was admitted to the hospital. I was 33 weeks. After a few days in the hospital they noticed Veda was under some stress and so the next morning 12/21/15 I had an emergency c-section. Since we did not know yet that she had trisomy 13, we did not know what to expect. We knew she would be in the nicu and need special care but we were just looking forward to having our sweet girl in our arms. She was born at 8:51 am, her heartbeat was strong, she looked around the room, but she did not cry. The nicu team took her over to another table to be assessed. The doctor updated us a few times and said that she was not breathing on her own and even the tube was only giving her 65% oxygen and that he did not think she would survive. After they tried everything they could, they brought our beautiful girl over to us and layed her in my arms. She was gasping for breath but was still alive. I told her I loved over and over, sang to her, and kissed her. After my husband held her they leaned her down so I could kiss her one last time. After they took her away to be reassessed they came back and told us she had passed while she was with us. Our hearts shattered. It was so sad and painful. We spent the next few days in the hospital cuddling her, taking pictures of her and with her. I miss my baby so much but I’m so thankful that I was able to have that time to get to soak her in. She is so very loved and I’m looking forward to the day we will see her again.
They took some blood from the umbilical cord and did some genetic testing. A couple weeks later is when they called us to tell us that Veda had trisomy 13, the type that is not passed down from the parents. We are glad to have the diagnosis. We wish we could have had more time with her but are still thanking God for her life and the beautiful gift she is to us.