Yasmine Rose AlBardri

Yasmine’s Story

“Yasmine Rose, your diagnosis didn’t change how I felt about you.”

Yasmine Rose AlBadri, Trisomy 18 Translocation, 8/7/2014 – 9/27/2014, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Yasmine Rose AlBadri 2 weeks T18TLThis Journey began long before January 05, 2014 , however that was the day we found ourselves starring at the positive pregnancy test….we were nervous, scared and truly over the moon about you. For the next few months we rode the emotional roller coaster with frequent tests and dr appts due to the high risk catagory we seemed to find ourselves among.

This didn’t stop mommy and daddy from feeling excited to meet you baby girl. By mid-April we recieved the blow no parent should have to hear or feel. They made us feel like you were a prognosis, a number and nothing could erase that feeling. Feeling the constant lack of emotional support by the drs we felt helpless. I, baby girl, knew you were worth everything and I was gonna fight as long as I could to bring you into this world to give you the chance at life.

Yasmine Rose, your diagnosis didn’t change how I felt about you. I loved you the moment i saw your tiny image and heart beating on the first ultrasound.  On August 7, 2014, we went in for an appt. like any other.  All looked good until we did the CTG ……our hearts sank. We decided yet to give you the last effort chance to be born. This was the day that with the aid of a wonderful angel (Dr. Beide ) gave us a option of c-section. We were terrified!
On August 7, 2014, at 1423 @ 1630 grams and 41 cm you were born alive …..what a little fighter. You were breathing on your own. You were so beautiful!

Laura AlBadri