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The SOFT Times Newsletter – A newsletter for families 

with children who have chromosome disorders

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What’s in the January 2015 Newsletter?

The President’s Corner
16 Years of SOFT Utah Christmas
SOFT of NC News
In Memory of a Special “Little Lady”
SOFTly Spoken: “More or Less”
Hello, my name is Simon
Moments to Remember
SOFT moms get together in Chicago

SOFT of Utah Conference Committee
     needs Artwork for the Conference
Christmas Cards from SOFT families:
The Cooks, Kaufman/Kubena, Careys
Barnes’, Stockmans, Krotzers, Donohues,
Cantrells, Marohns, Wagners


What’s in the October 2014 Newsletter?

2014 Conference Photos!
SOFT President’s Message – Barb VanHerreweghe
Things Learned – Kris Holladay
2014 Conference Wrap-up
Remembering Philina Lockwood
First Annual Walk, Run, Roll
SOFT Utah Annual BBQ

Kinder Than Necessary – Pam Healey
Meet the Wheat Family!
Sweet Sixteen Morganne Jayme Dye
SOFT 2015 Conference Information
Wonder – R. J. Palacio
SOFT Donations


What’s in the July 2014 Newsletter?

Newsletter Content:

2014 Conference Information
A Date to Remember – Kris Holladay
President’s Corner – Barb VanHerreweghe
The Trisomy Awareness Month Photo Collage
Professional Viewpoint – John Carey, MD, MPH
(Evolving Medical and Surgical Management  

    of Infants with Trisomy 18)
Donations & Memorials
Look who’s over 30 years old!

More Newsletter Content:

Trisomy Awareness Month – Terre Krotzer
Book Recommendations and Reviews
Conference Planning Committee Report
Miss Congeniality – Ashton Troi Wagner
Greta Thompson’s Equestrian Awards
Strength of the Spirit – Pam Healey
International Committee Report
Running with Krissy and Larry
Morghan attends ACMG Clinical Meeting
Angel Wings

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The 2015 deadline schedule is:  February 15, May 17, August 16 and November 15th.

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