Surgery Tables and Growth Charts

SOFT’s Trisomy Surgery Registry
& Growth Charts

The Surgery Registry contains parent-reported information for nearly 3,000 surgeries and procedures.   Data collection began in the late 1980’s and continues today.   Most requests to SOFT for surgery information are about cardiac surgery. 

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~ Surgery Tables & Growth Charts ~

 Table of  Cardiac Surgeries Reported to SOFT by parents of SOFT children.

List of HOSPITALS where cardiac surgeries or procedures have been conducted in recent years.

Table of All Surgeries Reported to SOFT, by parents of SOFT children.

Note:  As hospitals change policies and as surgeons come and go, some hospitals may or may not currently allow cardiac surgeries for children with trisomy.

 Growth Charts for Children with Trisomy   You can take these to your child’s physician.

~ Cardiac Surgery Information ~

♥  Congenital Heart Defects: – Explanations of  many defects are provided here.

  The SOFT YouTube video library contains many videos about cardiac defects and cardiac surgery.  

 SOFT’s Professional Literature Section:  Articles about Cardiac Surgery.

 When approached about a surgery SOFT provides no personal information, only:
Total numbers for specific surgery
Diagnosis of children who had the surgery
Reported outcomes
Name of hospital and surgeon name, if available
We respect a family’s privacy.  Studies are sometimes done in collaboration with SOFT (such as the cardiac surgery study done in 2000 by Hansen et al.), and information necessary to allow parent contact was provided to the researcher.   No data was used without family permission.Ann Barnes maintains the Surgery Registry and questions can be sent to her by email at Surgery Committee or by phone at 919-933-9981 (leave message with callback number).   Please report any previously-unreported surgeries to her.