SOFT’s Trisomy-related Video Links

From time to time we find YouTube and other videos posted in the public domain by families celebrating their children who have various trisomy conditions and videos by professionals which provide useful information.   We provide links to these, below.

The first section, below, is for Medical, Genetic and Chromosome information.  The second section is for family videos.   Should you find any links that are no longer valid, or you wish to have your video removed or added, please email the Website Content Manager by using the communication form found here.    SOFT is not responsible for the accuracy of information contained in these videos, or for their content.

Medical, Genetic & Chromosome Informational Videos:

EVERY CASE IS UNIQUE: Delivering optimal medical care to babies born with Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18.  Dr. Martin McCaffrey speaking at the Perinatal Conference in Dublin, 2016

The Secret Life of Babies  New research reveals what’s going on inside the womb.

Routine Health Care for the Trisomy Child
– a one-hour presentation by John C. Carey, MD, MPH, of the University of Utah, which includes audience interaction, Q&A and discussion.   The video is the first presentation by Dr Carey for the webinar series of presentations from Trisomy Talk, hosted by Terre Krotzer.

Constipation 101 – everything you wanted to know about your child’s constipation.  This is also a Trisomy Talk presentation!

Faces of Trisomy 9 Video

What are chromosomes?

Genes, DNA and Chromosomes.

Genes and Phenotypes.

Cracking the code: Understanding Rare Genetic Disorders by E McPherson

Family Videos:

Grace Ava Williams has a video!

A very nice video about a family, featuring Sophia, a child who has trisomy 13

See Gabby Arthur’s Video!

Abbie Ann’s Story

Brandon’s Mother’s Day Video!

“Your Child” by Jennifer Shaw – A song celebrating every life 

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep – Trisomy

Every Life counts ~ Lilly Hollowell

Pray For Lilly

Annie’s Story: an Ethical Tragedy by B Farlow

Trisomy 18 Miracles

Never Give Up Hope by V Whitmore

One Extra Chromosome by K Weaver

Faces of Trisomy by J Wolpert

Trisomy 13 Awareness

Compatible With Joy

The Life of Nolan

Caleb’s Journey