Olivia Kopeckym

Olivia’s Story

“Olivia approaches everyday head on and ready to explore.”

Olivia Kopeckym,  Trisomy 13,  07/11/2009, Schulenburg, TX

Our beautiful Olivia was undiagnosed until birth. She is the most amazing person I’ve ever known. She has so much personality, she’s loving, funny and determined. She has exceeded all expectations, she is limitless and fearless. Olivia approaches everyday head on and ready to explore. Olivia can walk unassisted, and gets around rather well although she is visually impaired. Olivia is nonverbal, but can say “mama”, “dada”, “up” and “more”. We have had some surgeries for bilateral polydactaly and to correct TOF and VSD. If can and support or if you would like more information on our journey, please feel free to reach out to us.