SOFT supports families throughout their Trisomy journey, including after they have experienced loss and bereavement. One of the things many families find most important is creating memories with their child.

How SOFT Remembers

Our Angels are very important to us. Each life, no matter how young or old, is precious and meaningful. At SOFT we honor our angels and celebrate their lives.

SOFT has a number of ways to celebrate our children. At the annual SOFT Conference we have a Remembrance Outing and a Balloon Celebration, where we remember and pay tribute to our Angels. A Memory Room is also open during Conference for families to display photo albums and other memorabilia of their children. Many also choose to donate to SOFT in honor of a Child.

We also love for members to share stories of their children with us.

Creating Memories

Families often share that creating memories with their child is the most import thing to them.
Some ideas to create lasting memories:
  • Photography
  • Memory Boxes
  • Mementos

Read Creating Memories when a Pregnancy Ends for more ideas and ways to create memories for your Angel.