Eden Holly

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Eden’s Story

“She is a blessing…..Be their voice!”

Eden Holly, Mosaic Trisomy 18, 5/4/2012, Joplin, MO

Eden HollyEden was given 2 weeks to live at birth based on statistics since she was diagnosed with Full Trisomy 18. She made it to 2 weeks, so they gave her 1 month. When she made it to 1 month the NICU doctors forcefully kicked her out on hospice care. We found great doctors and they fought for her like we were! Eden had 2 open heart surgeries before her 1st birthday. During her 2nd Heart Surgery Eden was retested and diagnosed with Mosaic Trisomy 18! Eden did great with both surgeries! She did have to get a Gtube placed to get her liquids since they kept going into her lungs. She has done well with it and gained weight and is now on the standard growth chart! She continued to do well and made it to Kindergarten! This year (2018) Eden turned 6 years old on May 4th and will get to start 1st grade in the fall! She is such a blessing and we hope our story brings hope to others! Be their voice!

  • Diagnosis: Mosaic Trisomy 18
  • Location: Joplin, MO, USA

  • DOB: 05/04/2012