Jaxsen Sophia Lynn Jones

Jaxsen’s Story

“She is a real blessing and I wouldn’t change one thing about her.” 

Jaxsen Sophia Lynn Jones, Mosaic Trisomy 9,  8/4/11, Aurora, IL

Jaxsen Jones 25monthsMy name is Ryan Michelle Jones I’m a single mother of a true miracle. It all started July 20=@ my 30 week ultrasound the tech had this look on her face. I knew the Journey had began.. I got monitored every other day to I could get into the specialist on August 2 2011… All her said is the blood flow is going backwards Ryan are you ready to be a mom because your going to L&D I was in shock.. They tried everything to induce labor nothing worked because God knew what he was doing.. Aug 4 2011 @ 10 am Jaxie was here.. All I heard was oh my God she is a miracle she would have never made it through natural delivery. Then I heard a faint cry then my eyes connected and the fight had just began. They thought after Jaxie was born she had a syndrome they didn’t know what one.. 35 weeks 3.3 lbs 16 inches and it took forever for her to gain weight. At 3 week’s I found out T9M but I didn’t really care because she was perfect..
She was in the nicu for 3 months She had many many tests, gtube placed, hernia repaired.  She has treahamalegia Gerd feathered cord (released) trach nissen tubes in ears failure to thrive.
Very delayed she doesn’t sit up by herself yet; she rolls side to side and can roll to belly just refuses. She is now starting to figure things out. She is a real blessing and I wouldn’t change one thing about her.

Ryan Michelle Jones