Lachlan Page

Lachlan’s Story

“He is the best son a mother could wish for.” 

Lachlan Page, Trisomy 18 mosaic, Maleny, Queensland, Australia, 07/23/10

Lachlan Page, T18mos, 3 y.o.

Lachlan Page, T18mos, 3 y.o.

Lachlan was born via c section as we had been given the risk of trisomy18 early in pregnancy ( we did not confirm) and he was very small so they thought a c section would be best. He had trouble breathing at birth and was taken straight to special care. He spend a couple of weeks in a humid crib. During that time they found a heart mummer and horseshoe kidney which prompted genetic testing. We were given the diagnosis at 12 days old and gentle explained to that he probably wouldn’t come home. Lachlan had other ideas. This is my blog.
We live in Australia and are so grateful for the support we receive from our Australian and worldwide trisomy family. Lachlan has had no major health issues as yet. He is feed a blended diet via his gasto button.
He is the best son a mother could wish for