Vanessa & Jacob Jennings

Vanessa & Jacob’s Stories

Vanessa Jennings, trisomy 14q32.33, 11/30/2001, and Jacob Jennings, trisomy 14q32.33, 4/21/2006 Memphis TN

Vanessa & Jacob JenningsVanessa is now 12 years old. She just had a birthday recently. Vanessa and Jacob has trisomy 14q32.33 which they are the first known case of it. Vanessa has severe learning disabilities, asthma, ADHD, OCD, glaucoma, an aortic aneurysm, heart palpitations, obesity, anxiety, agoraphobic, bipolar, NASH liver disease, insulin resistant, and much more. She is an active little girl with a huge imagination. She loves to sing and draw and even writes her own songs. She has a lot of behavioral issues but is a very loving caring child. Vanessa homeschools because of her weakened immune system. She has a lot of difficulty with reading, writing, and math.

Jacob is 7. He has learning and developmental disabilities, ADHD, chronic asthma, allergies, aortic aneurysm, has had internal bleeding for which he was hospitalized for 8 days. He is a very rambunkious child. He has a weakened immune system which usually leads to a lot of illnesses. He has severe sensory overload issues and takes daily running fits to compensate for the sensory overload.  Jacob is a loving child that likes to hug and kiss a lot. He has very low muscle tone which causes him to fall a lot and he also drops things a lot. He does not like crowds and loud noises. He wears glasses because he is far sighted. He loves lawn mowers, monster trucks, and John Deeres.

Barbara Jennings