Elijah Spencer Holt

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Elijah’s Story

“Every wish we had for Eli came true.”

Elijah Spencer Holt, Full Trisomy 18 and Klinefelter Syndrome, 6/15/2017 to 6/21/2017, Spokane, WA

Elijah was diagnosed with full Trisomy 18 and Klinefelter syndrome after our 20-week ultrasound showed many markers for a chromosome disorder. After continuing our pregnancy care at a maternal fetal specialist our only goal was to have the chance to meet our little boy. Because I also had polyhydramnios we expected to go into labor at any time. We also had the daily fear of him dying in utero. Thankfully Elijah was always very active and I didn’t have to wait long to feel him move if I was worried.

I went into labor on my due date and Eli was born vaginally almost 24hrs later. We chose to not have any monitoring during labor but much to our relief I could still feel him moving around between contractions. We chose to have many family and friends on standby at the hospital so all who wanted to could meet him.

Elijah came into our world alive and crying. He was 5lbs 4oz and 19 inches long. We immediately gave him oxygen but no other interventions were needed at that time. We chose to stay in the hospital a few extra days as we learned how to take care of him. He had a few apnea episodes where we thought we would lose him.

3 days after birth we took him home on hospice. Every wish we had for Eli came true. We were even able to spend some time outside in the sun. 5 1/2 days after birth Elijah slowly got more and more tired. He died peacefully in my arms with my husband by our side at 1:40 am.

Our faith in Jehovah’s promise of a resurrection has helped us cope with the loss of our dear son and we can’t wait to see him again soon on a paradise earth.

  • Diagnosis: Trisomy 18 and Klinefelter Syndrome
  • Location: Spokane, WA, USA

  • DOB: 06/15/2017

  • DOD: 06/21/2017