Robert English

Robert’s Story

“Life expectancy is normal!”

Robert English, Partial Tetrasomy 18, 09/22/1977, Peterborough, NH

Robert English2015- January/ February 3 ER visits for urinary tract infections. Total loss of bladder control. Diagnosed with neurogenic bladder (neurology) urology recommendation catheterize 3 times daily. Dermatology recommendation change/ check every 1-1 1/2 hours ( always wet) . This has greatly impacted ability to travel, camp, live but we are adjusting. We are active member of chromosome 18 registry. There are now 200 tetrasomy’s known to the registry. Two are older than bob. We met one at this years ch18 conference. Tetrasomy 18p occurs randomly in one out of 140,000 births. Life expectancy is normal!