It’s March and in SOFT’s world that means Trisomy Awareness Month!

Every March our SOFT community celebrates Trisomy Awareness Month. This is a time when we share awareness and education of Trisomy conditions, celebrate our children who are beating the odds and remember our sweet Angels who left us far too soon.

The message we deliver is not simply what a Trisomy is and how it can effect our children. The message we share and celebrate is how loved our children are regardless of how long they are with us. We show how much a vital part of our families they are; what sweet, loving, vibrant individuals they are; and what a hole is left in our hearts in our families when we have to say goodbye.

Our theme this year will echo the 2020 SOFT Conference theme – “Our Stars Keep Shining.” To help families create awareness, SOFT has designed some Trisomy Awareness Month items to help you. Those items as well as more information about Trisomy Awareness can be found here.

We have created a 2020 profile photo frame for your Facebook profile which can be found on Facebook by searching the frames for Our Stars Keep Shining 2020 when you update your profile picture. We also have cover photos available for you to use on your social media profiles. Click on the photo in this post, save it to your device, and then upload it to your Facebook page or other social media profile.

Follow the SOFT Facebook page and check back every day for facts and images about trisomy that you can share with your online friends and community! Be sure to use #trisomyawareness when you are posting your stories, facts and photos.

We provide these images and items to help you as you reach out to your medical professionals, schools and communities to let them know that your child is not just a condition or a label. Your child is a Star and Our Stars Keep Shining!