Becca Trewin

Becca’s Story

“Becca loves her Iphone and Facebook!”

Becca Trewin,  Mosaic Trisomy 13,  Kitchener, Ont, Canada,  1/1/1975

BeccaUpdate:  Becca celebrated her 40th birthday in January! Becca continues to amaze me with her love of life, ability to ‘bounce back’ after her frequent ‘medical adventures’. Here is a bit of how Trisomy 13 has affected her physically. Reduced reaction to pain, this means not being able to let us know when or where there is a problem. She had Gall Stones and had her gall bladder removed 10 years ago. Double uterus (ablation years ago), Degenerative Disc Disease (similar to arthritis in her spine), scoliosis, Reduced vision (wears corrective lenses), very sun sensitive (uses transition lenses), hearing loss that has not been improved with aids (honestly, we tried), but does improve with a tube in her right ear drum every few years and clean out every 3 months, frequent UTIs due to kidney reflux and kidney stones (currently has a stent and stones due for removal in Nov 2015), multiple un-repaired heart defects currently managed with medications, pulmonary hypertension (managed with medications and as needed oxygen), frequent respiratory infections and asthma, low magnesium levels leading to low calcium and tendency to ‘break if she falls’ (she has had nine broken bones until the magnesium levels were tested and once additional magnesium was prescribed her calcium levels improved and we haven’t had a break in 4 years!) Becca is very very verbal, physically able to walk, laugh, play a mean game of SkipBo, loves to cook, attend computer classes, literacy classes (she has dyslexia so reading is a challenge), daily community programs, loves hockey (go Maple Leafs) loves baseball (go BlueJays!) and spending time with friends whether it is playing games, attending community events or just sitting around chatting. Becca is very caring, sensitive to the feelings of others and has a terrific sense of humour! Trisomy 13 AND a life, without question it is possible!

Original:  BecBecca Trewinca loves to keep busy! She is actively involved in Computer classes, Art Group, Zumba Aquafit, Cooking Group, loves to watch hockey games, baseball, and even golf! Becca loves her Iphone and Facebook and uses these throughout the day to interact with friends and family. She loves going out for coffee, window-shopping, even taking her power wheelchair on the ice for skating!

Becca does have a long list of health challenges! Severe Sleep Apnea, Pulmonary Hypertension, Multiple Heart Defects (ASD, VSD, APV, Congenital Cardiomyopathy, CAD), Bicornuate Uterus, Chronic Asthma, Chronic Kidney Infections, Chronic Ear Infections (she is still needing 2 tubes placed each year on average), Reduced Hearing and Vision, Hidradenitis Supratevia, Borderline Diabetes, Osteomalacia (resulting in 9+ breaks from her pelvis down), Chronic Sinusitis, Myoclonic Seizures