Jacob Lyda

Jacob’s Story

blessing-of-trisomyHe was my HERO!! I will always remember, he was my heart!!

Jacob Lyda, Trisomy 19q, Hendersonville, NC, 3/30/1989 – 12/27/2004

Our precious Jacob was such a wonderful loving little man.  He was born with partial trisomy,  and we found out that he was the 11th reported case in genetics!!!  We heard all the stories about being incompatible with life, take him home and enjoy him while you can.  At that time we brought our baby home to LIVE!!! Jacob lived till he was almost 16! (3 months shy of his 16th birthday).  He passed with pneumonia.

Jacob had a lot of medical issues, CP, heart defect, seizures, g-tube, kidney failure, and so many other things I’d rather not say….

He absoluty LOVED life, he went horseback riding, jet skiing, boating, but his favorite was riding a golf cart!! ( and the Ruddie coaster at Santa’s Land!!!)

Jacob was a smart  young man, he knew his colors, and he could identify every farm animal!! He understood what we were saying even he was non-verbal.

He was my HERO!!  I will always remember, he was my heart!!