When we first had our daughter Erin we imagined all of the highlights to come in her life: her first day of school, prom, going off to college, getting married. Once we were given her diagnosis, when she was two weeks old, we realized that those highlights may never come.

We got to be with Erin for six wonderful months before she was called home to Heaven. While we were happy that we had the time we did, we still mourned the time we couldn’t have with her on earth, especially those big life moments we had once dreamed of.

Rather than sit back and let those highlights pass us by, we decided to still have a part in them. We donated money to what would’ve been Erin’s classmates so that they could have more funding for prom and beautiful flowers at their high school graduation. However, we were left still wanting to do more.

The Erin Jorgenson Memorial Scholarship is there for college students who have had their lives touched by a sibling with Trisomy 18, 13, or a related disorder. This $500 scholarship is meant for students who have completed at least one year of college, grad school or tech school. For all the details and the submission form click here: Erin Jorgensen Scholarship form