Freya Pike – Trisomy 18

“Freya is sassy, sweet, silly and is always letting us know what she thinks. She smiles, laughs, plays, and keeps us all on our toes.” We first recieved Freya’s diagnosis through a blood test called an NIPT. I was approximately 20 weeks at the time of this blood draw. I have always taken the test…

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Cece Havre – Trisomy 18 Mosaic

Cece knows love, she cares when someone is sad, and she will burst out laughing for no reason. She is just a blessing to our family. Cecilia was born at 36 weeks. She was my fourth pregnancy and fourth C-Section. At my twenty week scan I was told Cecilia would need treatment for the rest…

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Sarah Catherine - full Trisomy 18

Sarah Catherine – Trisomy 18

We see life through a completely new lens, and we know she isn’t an accident, a fluke, or a clump of cells – but a valuable part of God’s beautiful plan, and a daily reminder of what’s truly important. In the Fall of 2018, we learned we were being blessed with another baby. I agreed without…

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Claire L – Trisomy 13

We have had a really happy, healthy second year with Claire! She’s been to the beach and is learning to crawl. She loves music, especially Raffi, and is very ticklish. At our 20 week anatomy scan, we were shocked. Our baby’s eyeballs were so underdeveloped, the doctor wasn’t sure if they were there at all.…

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Verity Jacobson – Trisomy 18

“Verity’s life is anything but futile! She brings love and joy to our household every single day. Her smile and laugh light up our world.” I had never heard of Edwards Syndrome before I got the phone call, but it was the day that changed our lives. Diagnostics confirmed over the next week that our…

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Trisomy 18

Ethical Rounds: An Infant with T18 & VSD

PROFESSIONAL VIEWPOINT:  JOURNAL CLUB Reprinted from the SOFT Times, May/Jun/Jul 2011. Janvier A, Okah F, Farlow B, Lantos JD.  2011.  Ethical Rounds:  An infant with trisomy 18 and a ventricular septal defect.  Pediatrics 127:754-759. When I received my personal copy of the April issue of Pediatrics, my eyes immediately went to the Special Article on…

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