Dr. Steven Cantrell – Seizures, Light Sensitivity and Headaches

From the SOFT 2020 Virtual Conference

Dr. Cantrell’s workshop, Seizures, Light Sensitivity and Headaches will review the many triggers causing seizures and how to protect your child. Nutrition, Eye Protection, and removing triggers around the house will decrease seizure activity. 

About Dr. Steven Cantrell:
Dr. Steven Cantrell is an Optometrist from St. Louis and member of the SOFT Medical Advisory board.  Dr. Cantrell received his training from the University of Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, IL.  He and his wife Peggy have two children Ryan (T‐18 angel) and Lauren.  Dr. Cantrell’s son Ryan suffered from frequent seizures and was painfully light sensitive. Recent studies have shown children born with both T‐13 and T‐18 often are diagnosed with Photosensitive Epilepsy.  PSE seizures are caused by various patterns of light including common technology while playing with Mom and Dad.