My baby is 8 month old. He’s a really happy boy. When he born they told us he wasn’t going to make it. They didn’t want to do his heart surgery so we started to look for a different hospital. We got the best doctor, Dr. Charles Huddles at Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis, MO.

In Colorado, the only thing they told us was to stop looking for a doctor since they know he’s going to die. But we fought for him and I will not stop fighting for him. God sent him to our family for something.

I talked to our governor for help so he could get transferred to St. Louis. I sent a letter to President Biden and they both answered my letters.

What I saying is moms don’t stop fighting for your babies. Doctors don’t know your babies. I know we have to teach them because some of them they don’t know anything about trisomy 18. The only thing they tell you is that your baby is not going to make it, but I think God is the one that sent us and he’s the only one that is going to take us.

We pray a lot for Alejandro for his heart surgery and here he is healing well so now he’s going to have his trach and his g-tube. I will help any parents in Colorado who are going through this. I’m here to help and if you need help in Spanish. Aquí estoy para ayudar también. Alejandro got to this world for a reason and I’m here to do it for him.

Update March 2023:

Alejandro now has a tracheotomy and g-tube and we go to a wonderful hospital, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Colorado. I have a group of Spanish speaking moms from Mexico, US, Chile  with trisomy 18 babies. I would love to help hold a SOFT Conference in Spanish. 

Written by: Nancy Chávez, Alejandro’s mom.