If you get any two or more parents of children with Trisomy together the conversation will inevitably turn to the subject of constipation. Constipation is one of the most common health issues that families of a child with a diagnosis of Trisomy 18, 13 or other related disorder face. Managing your child’s bowels becomes a daily focus and parents must remain vigilant.

As Ann Barnes, our presenter, says, “This video contains more about your bowels than you may ever have wanted to know,” and as the parent of a child with Trisomy 18, I wish I had had this information years ago. This information is not a substitute for your doctor’s advice. Any ideas that interest you should be discussed with your child’s health care provider as to the appropriateness for your child.

This video presentation with Ann Barnes, RN and mom to Megan a Trisomy Angel discusses constipation: why our kids experience it and ideas and options for helping to manage the symptoms and provide them relief.

A link to download the transcript is provided below.

Ann Barnes is an RN as well as mom to Megan, a beautiful Trisomy Angel. This video was presented as a part of the TrisomyTalk.com webinar series.