SOFT is partnering with Born Abel for a very special book dedicated to & featuring SOFT kids! Born Abel is donating their storytelling, illustrations to create and publish the first ever SOFT children’s book to help raise money for the 2024 conference next July in Bloomington, MN.

For every $25 donation to this fundraiser, donors will receive 1 copy of “The Soft Landing” which will be released on March 1st!

Complete the form below to reserve your book. Your book will be shipped to you by mid-March 2024.

Thank you for supporting the 2024 SOFT Conference in Bloomington, MN and thank you for being a member of SOFT!

Born Abel "SOFT Landing Page" Book Form

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This form is for making a donation to the 2024 SOFT Conference. For every $25 donated you will receive 1 copy of the the book "A SOFT Landing" to be created by Born Abel. This book will be released on March 1, 2024 and should be shipped in mid-March. Thank you for supporting the 2024 SOFT Conference

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