The International Trisomy Alliance (ITA) website is no longer in use.  This organization has produced many excellent publications which families can read and download.  Links to these publications are below; click on the booklet title to open it as a .pdf file to read or download:

 A Cherished PregnancyPreparing for Your Baby’s Arrival.  Trisomy 13 and 18 for Younger Children

Trisomy 13 and 18 for Older ChildrenA Family Dictionary of Medical Terms

Many of these same ITA Publications have been translated into other languages and these are listed below:

Norway: Trisomi 13 og 18 for Mindre BarnNorway: Trisomi 13 og 18 for Større Barn

Italy:  Trisomia 13 e 18 per i Bambini piú Piccoli           Italy:  Trisomia 13 e 18 per i Bambini piú Grandi

Indonesia: Trisomi 13 dan 18 Untuk Anak –  Anak Usia SekolahTurkey:  Küçük Íçin Trizomi 13 ve 18